Computer Security & Data Protection: Important Information & Ways to Protect it

LG Computers: Computer Security & Data Protection

With the great increase in malicious Spyware and Viruses, it is more important than ever to make sure your computer and data are protected from these unwanted threats.  A couple of key factors to protecting your computer are making sure that your critical Windows security updates are installed, you have Antivirus software which automatically updates itself on a regular basis, and that your personal data on your computer is backed up.(General software updates are very important as well, for example Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Sun Java, and other critical software.)

Windows updates and Antivirus protection can be viewed as simple matters to address, but how to backup your critical data is a crucial issue.  One can use USB jump drives, USB external hard drives, Optical media, such as CD’s or DVD’s for backup, or subscribe to an online backup service.  I recommend that you use a mix of these options for backup.  If you backup to an external device, be sure to keep it in a safe place.  If you are carrying it with your laptop or leaving it next to your desktop, and your business or residence gets broken into or damaged by flooding or a fire, your valuable data is gone.  How valuable are your irreplaceable photographs, word documents, tax files, music, and other files you have stored?

I can help with excellent recommendations for a backup plan tailored to your personal or business needs!  For example, if you have many photographs on your computer, burn them to DVD’s and make a few copies.  Store a copy in a safe place and give a copy to a friend or relative who would keep this copy for you and also may enjoy having a copy of the photograph’s as well. This way if your computer hard drive fails, your computer is lost or stolen, or other catastrophe strikes, your pictures are not lost and you have means to recover them. The cost of replacing a failed hard drive is nominal compared to the loss of data if you are not backing up your data.

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